Childhood. It is the most precious and vulnerable time of our lives. It is a time of innocence, mistakes, learning and imagination. It is a time we reflect on as adultssometimes foolishlyas we turn to our friends and say, “Remember that one time” a teacher’s name pops up here, a name long since forgotten pops up there. It is a time safeguarded by those we love: family, friends, teachers…school. After all, a school is more than just the sum of books and stone; it is a place where memories are formed, characters are forged, lessons are learned, and leaders are born. For no matter whom we become and what we do, our childhood and school remain the only permanence in our lives. They are the memories that echo for years to come and the foundation upon which all stepping stones are built. 

And it is in this spirit, and with the utmost pride and joy, that we are privileged to be a part of these memories. We have and will always vow to do our best to make our students’ childhoods as fruitful and memorable as possible. We vow to give them roots that they may one day soar. We vow to nurture them in a harmonious environment with love and care and devotion. We vow to guide them and be patient with them. We vow to teach them to observe, to discover, to imagine, to inspire, to develop, to mature, and ultimately to remember…that one time, that one teacher.

Muhieddine Soubra