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Will your children climb mountains, cross a sea or two? How will they learn the ropes?

At ISAS, we believe that every concern is your first step towards paving the path for your child’s future.

Take a moment. Close your eyes. Imagine what they will be like 3 years from now, 7 years from now, 10 years from now... then turn the page to see through our eyes what they could make of those wonder years.

ico 50X50 academics coursesAcademics

We have designed pre-university programs that will allow students the opportunity to take a glimpse into their future and make intelligent and correct choices based on that sneak preview. Read More

ico 50X50 unProgramUnique Programs

As part of AMSI’s vision, ISAS has developed a college guidance preparatory program for students in grades 10 to 12 in various fields. Our students enjoy the opportunity to choose a Pre-Engineering, Pre-Business, Pre-Medical Studies or a Pre-Arts program. Read More


ico 50X50 athleticsAthletics

ISAS prepares teams to participate in Interschool Meets in a variety of sports, as well as major Athletics and Swimming Meets held between the various international schools in the UAE. Read More

ico 50X50 librarySchool Libraries

The school library, equipped with a rich collection of educational materials and the latest Information Technology, is at the centre of the school. Read More


ico 50X50 academics guidencceGuidance Counseling

ISAS schedules 2 career and university fairs per annum for its 11th & 12th Grade students on ISAS premises. The University Guidance Counseling Centre provides help to students in their final high school years. Clear guidelines are available to assist students with their university admissions process. Read More



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