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The curriculum at ISAS is structured to integrate the school core values, the UAE curricula (Arabic, Islamic Education, & Moral Education), as well as the social and cultural values of the UAE into everyday practice. This is evident in the classrooms and across the range of activities as well as in the overall school ethos. Our Science, Mathematics, and English curricula are based on California NGSS, California CCSSM, and California CCSSE, respectively, while other disciplines are aligned with other California State Standards.

The ISAS curriculum is designed to develop students’ knowledge, skills and understanding through a range of compulsory subjects including Arabic, English, Islamic Education, Moral Education, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Arts, Music, Physical Education and Computer Studies. The structure promotes hands-on experiences by increasing the out of class time especially in Fine Arts, Music, Science and PE for all levels facilitated by the provision of dedicated labs and special rooms. Information & Communications Technology (ICT) is at the core of the curriculum and spans across all levels with a clear vision that all students should have the right digital tools to ensure learning and performance excellence. As students move on to high school, advanced courses in ICT become available, these include CCNA, robotics and AP computer courses. The flexibility of the curriculum and our ability to cater to the individual needs of students reflect the ISAS mission and commitment to motivate students. Differentiation to target the various abilities of the complex demography of learners is provisioned for by Honors, advanced Placement (AP), preparatory and Intensive English courses. A variety of academic support programs enables more inclusion and allow us to fulfill our target of open admissions.

The free flow program and weekly activities planned for our young learners in KG classes allow for a student-centered environment that nourishes personal development. Music and Fine Arts are present as core courses to add to the experience of students. At the other end of the spectrum students in high school have a wide range of supplemental elective courses in various disciplines. The diversity of elective courses and preparatory programs that we offer make the ISAS curriculum in high school more unique and broad.

Co/Extracurricular activities are designed and implemented across all grade levels to further enhance the learning process, foster holistic learning, emphasize on 21st-century skills, promote enterprise and entrepreneurship, develop innovation and creativity skills, uphold social responsibility, and reinforce our students’ ability to make real-life connections and applications.

All juniors (Gr. 11) at ISAS are required to complete a practical work placement (Practicum) at an establishment of their choice. This course also requires a presentation by the student as they share their experience with their peers and teachers.

We maintain academic excellence opportunities through student promotion criteria and graduation requirements to ensure that students are challenged with the rigor of our curriculum. Our academic foundation and set goals for character development, leadership, and global awareness prepare ISAS graduates to apply themselves to succeed in any environment to further their achievements and personal development.

Kindergarten (KG1 - KG2)
Kindergarten Students are introduced to a bilingual program of English and Arabic. They also have the choice to learn one additional language (French, Spanish, Mandarin).


Primary (Gr 1 - 5)
The medium of instruction in the primary section is English. Students are taught to be more independent in all aspects of their school work. Students from Gr. 4 have the option to take Arabic B, and Islamic Education in English. Parents are asked to consult the Head of Section before registering for the above mentioned courses.

Middle School (Gr 6 - 8)
In middle school, students begin building their foundation for the rigorous high school program. Students face challenging work to build their skills in analysis and research. They learn to be more responsible and accountable for their learning.



High School (Gr 9 - 12)
Students in high school begin a rigorous program for university preparation. The process of understanding the options available to them in career and university choices begins in high school. Upon completion of grade 12 students receive a high school diploma certified by KHDA. Students have the option of attending any university system worldwide. Students are given clear information to all required standardized test (PSAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, EmSat).



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