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SEND Admission Policy:

The Principal and Senior Leadership Team (SLT) are authorized to admit students when they determine that adequate provision can be made for the particular needs of SEND students.

In accordance with UAE Federal Law No. 29/2006, students with special needs have the right to be admitted or enrolled in a regular/mainstream classroom setting.

  • All students are eligible for admission in the general education or mainstream classroom regardless of presence of SEND students
  • Students with a disability of any form (physical, mental, emotional, psychological or social) are not excluded from participation in inclusive programs.
  • Student-centered and authentic teaching strategies, that stimulate critical thinking, creativity and collaboration, are applied in the mainstream classroom. IEP/ALP are referred to and they inform the use of differentiated instruction to meet the needs of different groups of students in the inclusive classroom.


Definition and Categories of SEND:

“A need which occurs when a student identified with an impairment requires the school to make specific modifications or provide specific supports to prevent, remove or reduce any potential disability from occurring and to ensure that the student can access education on an equitable basis and within a common learning environment with same-aged peers.”

The inclusion system establishes learning environments that encourage and support the active involvement and inclusion of every student - physically, academically, socially, emotionally and culturally. There are three main learning difficulties categories.

Types of need


Learning difficulty 1

Below average general intellectual functioning often reflected in a slow rate of maturation, reduced learning capacity and inadequate social adjustment.

Learning difficulty 2

Significant learning difficulties which have a major effect on participation in the mainstream curriculum, without support.

Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulty

Complex learning needs resulting in severely impaired functioning in respect of a basic awareness of themselves, the people and the world around them. They may include physical disabilities or a sensory impairment. A high level of support is likely to be required.

Assessed Syndrome

A syndrome usually refers to a medical condition where the underlying genetic cause has been identified, and the collection of symptoms is genetically related. Examples of syndromes include: Down’s Syndrome, Stickler syndrome and Williams Syndrome.

The Inclusion Support Team (IST) consists of:

  • Director of learning
  • leader of provision for students who experience SEND
  • learning support teacher(s) (LST)
  • learning support assistant (LSA)
  • Inclusion Champion
  • Class teachers
  • Social Counselor
  • School Nurse


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