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pre engineering studiesThe school seeks to provide universities with students who understand the engineering process; therefore, the aim of Engineering Studies is to develop students' understanding and appreciation of the nature and significance of engineering and its impact on society with an emphasis on the application of engineering methodology. This program is the entry point for all aspiring engineering students. The courses provide another opportunity of value for our students to focus at the high school level on training in pre-engineering. This is a very hands-on, project-based, engineering-related study offered through the technologies and qualified instructors available at ISAS.

Pre-Engineering students take a set of three courses:

  • Introduction to Civil & Mechanical Engineering, where students visit construction sites and train with onsite engineers.

  • Introduction to the electrical engineering discipline with insight into the world of electricity and electronics to familiarize students with the basic concepts and their applications in the real world. Students use electronic equipment such as electrical test bed, motors, dynamos, oscilloscopes and multi-meters to study and measure different parameters. Students will be encouraged to develop critical thinking skills to analyze, evaluate and solve any problem or theory that they might encounter in electronics and assess the use of renewable energy sources in the supply of electrical energy.


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