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"Art, the decorator of our lovely earth, the storyteller of diverse views and cultures, the web weaved from creativity, emotions and imagination... With this whimsical form of expression, artists are able to capture significant moments of history with a pencil, and offer eye-opening perspectives through the swift touch of a brush and portray beauty at its finest condition. Playing such a significant role on our planet, we recognize the importance of Art and its presence in our education.

ISAS found value in offering the AP Art courses which provide the means for all our young artists to utilize and improve their skills in the form of self-expression. The classes provide the ability for each individual to tell the story they want to say, thus leading to unique pieces - each made with different techniques and styles. From themes related to the history of dance to breathtaking pieces about Arab culture; From works connecting dreams to the blatant emotions revealed through mugshots; From eyes to noses and pop art to collage; From spray paint to crayons and drawing to sculpting - it’s the beauty behind the different content found in one classroom that makes the course at ISAS so distinct.

The world is filled with inspiration and stories ready to be portrayed, and that’s exactly what one would find through the exquisite pieces created throughout the Art course. With many exhibitions and opportunities to showcase these creations, the course truly allows talented individuals to be exposed into the artistic world and further develop their abilities.

May the first look at our future generation of artists work begin here..."  - Annabelle Ghanem, AP Art student




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