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pre-med2The Pre-Medical studies at ISAS aims to give insight about the various prominent fields of study in the world of medicine. This program is designed as a set of three courses.

The premed program offers our students a case-study based instruction where the students have to examine, diagnose and perform laboratory tests. These practices bring them closer to the nature of their future routine and workplace.

During the first course students are exposed to the anatomy and physiology in depth with practical visitations to clinics, universities and hospitals. All a hands-on environment that provides an actual feel of the future workplace. In the second course students learn, in addition to anatomy and physiology, a little bit about pharmacology, epidemics, pandemics and psychology of patients. The third course discusses pathology that involves in-depth knowledge attainment on virology, bacteriology, and immunology in response to pathogenic microscopic agents.

After finishing the three courses most of the students would have finalized their decision on future studies and if they found that medicine is their future then they can move on to take AP Biology and enrich their selection with Forensics and Nutrition. 


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