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We incorporated this firm belief into the careful designs of several clubs, student government bodies and teams that will spearhead, under ISAS staff supervision, school wide activities and events.


Drama Club

The ISAS Drama Club gives students the opportunity to participate in supervised Drama activities. Each year the club is responsible for an annual theatrical production. In participating, students are exposed to different aspects of the theater including impromptu skits, character development, team building, and much more! The club is valuable in encouraging teamwork, and providing students with enriched learning experiences in the area of Theater and the performing arts.


Astronomy Club

Our astronomy club aims to provide insight into the Earth, Galaxies and stars that surround us. Students not only gaze at the constellations but also learn to marvel at the intricacies and inner machinations of our solar system and the universe beyond



Mosaic Club

The Mosaic club offers students a rare opportunity to work in a classical field of art that is seldom taught. Students learn about the different facets and ingredients that go into crafting a mosaic and eventually work as a group to craft their own mosaics to be put on display.


Chess Club

Our Chess program is designed to not only teach students the fundamentals of the game but also the advanced strategies to help them become grandmasters. Our best compete in city-wide chess tournaments.



Senior School Band

Our senior band comprises the most skilled musicians from Secondary and High School working under the supervision of our Head Music teachers. The club is primarily aimed at honing and refining the skills and performances of serious musicians who perform in our annual school events.


Soccer Club

Aimed at elementary and middle school students, this club teaches students the basic fundamentals of the sport as well as encouraging team work and honing individual skills.



Public Speaking Club

Modeled after the International Toastmasters program, the Public Speaking club is designed to honestudents’ communication and leadership skills with the goal of creating confident, mature speakers who are at ease in any given social situation or event.



The Model United Nations program is anacademic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. Our students annually participate in University-held events assuming the roles of real countries and debating real-world issues. The program builds on a lot of skills learned in the classroomincluding effective writing, speaking, debating and coordinating.



Science Club

Exploring the fun side of science, this is a club designed to advance students’ critical and scientific thinking and cultivate a spirit of inquiry and wonder about the world around them through observation and experimentation.


Cooking Club

From teaching elementary school students to make their own sandwiches using their own ingredients to teaching secondary school students to create exquisite meals, the cooking club teaches students one of life’s most empowering and valuable skills.



Reading Club

The Reading Club is aimed at not only cultivating students’ ability to read aloud with effective tone and variation but also at boosting their comprehension and vocabulary and instilling in them a life-long appreciation of literature.


Computer Club

The Computer club is designed to not only assist and teach students the fundamentals of computer usage but also to get better acquainted with progress in the field of computer science.


arts and crafts

Arts and Crafts

The Arts and Crafts Club provides a fun outlet for creative expression as students work with a variety of materials to create their own unique crafts, decorations and more.


Mental Math Club

Students with a penchant for numbers will find much to enjoy here as they will play Math and problem solving games.



Lego Club

Engineers and architects all start somewhere and the Lego club is designed to foster that sense of creativity, ingenuity, and fun in constructing miniature figures and buildings.


Quraan Club

The Quraan club offers the students the opportunity to learn and recite, with tone and variation, the blessed words of the Holy Quraan.



French Club

Our after-school French courses offer an immersive program for students looking to engage themselves in French language and culture. The program offers full courses for beginners and advanced alike and ensures that students are successfully prepped for the DELF exams.


Improve Motor Skills and Handwriting

Students in this club perform a variety of activities that are seen as essential in improving students’ handwriting and hand-eye coordination.



Electronics Club

The Electronics club offers students with a penchant for Electronics and Gadgets the chance to explore and create their own circuits and projects.


Caricature/Cartoons Club

Our cartoons/ caricature club not only offers students the chance to learn the craft, but also expands their awareness of social issues as they learn to provide social commentary on their own environment.




Our very own Scouts program filled with a plethora of fun activities including camping, woodcraft, backpacking and sports.


Professional Soccer Training

Aimed at elementary and secondary school students, this club is designed to teach students the advanced skills and techniques of the sport for those looking to take their talent to the next level.



Learn to Draw Club

Aimed mainly at elementary school students, the “Learn to Draw” club teaches students the fundamentals of drawing and sketching, instilling them with a sense of artistry from a very young age.


Educational Board games

Students here participate in a variety of activities designed to enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.




Our Choir program comprises the most talented and elegant voices of our students, working under supervision to refine and enhance their technique whilst enchanting audiences in select key performances.


Art Club

Our Art Club comprises the most talented students in secondary school working under supervision to express themselves in a variety of art forms including painting, sketching, and craft making.



Robotics Club

Our Robotics Club gives students the opportunity to deal with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. The club is also a great environment for fostering group-work and cooperation as our team annually competes in regional Robotics competitions and events.


Fitness Club

The fitness club ensures our students stay active and healthy by participating in a variety of fun, aerobic activities and sports, as well as instills in them the value of leading a healthy, vigorous lifestyle



Puzzle Club

Puzzle-lovers will find much to enjoy with our collection of activities that enhance perception and sharpen critical thinking skills.


Music & Movement Club

Our Music and Movement club is aimed at teaching students to not only dance but also keep rhythm while playing music.



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